Adam Myerson in the Pits at New Gloucester

While at the race, this whole sequence made no sense. Why would anybody change their shoe in the middle of a race? Then this was overheard over the internet waves:
"3rd for a while, flatted, dropped to 5th, then lost a cleat! Changed a shoe, finished 6th. The form, it's coming..."
- @adammyerson

Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart) pulls into the pit and starts to take off his shoe

His mechanic comes closer ready with spare shoe in hand

Myerson finally pulls off his shoe and starts to put on a new one

He gets a hand from his mechanic with the buckle on the new shoe. It was 40 degrees that day, my guess is that dexterity was non existent.

After changing his shoe, Adam hops on a fresh bike and starts to rejoin the race

But stops after he realizes that he has a rear flat.

He runs back to his mechanic to grab the same bike he rode in on.

After an interesting pit stop, Myerson jumps on a functional bike to finish the race in 6th place. Nice race Adam.

Addendum 2009.11.05:
Adam came across this post and added a little commentary on his blog. Check it out: http://www.cycle-smart.com/blog/2009/11/04/you-cant-make-stuff
"As it turned out, the second flat was from a valve stem that wasn't completely closed and was leaning against something that accidentally depressed it. So while 2nd was still within reach when I flatted the first time, the combo of the loose cleat and and a good minute in the pit put me back in 6th for good.

Muddy days like this are just full of unpredictability, and even the winners are falling off their bikes. Fast and steady wins the race, as Frankie McCormack always said."

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