What the pros ride

Let's take a moment and look at the bike of Luna sponsored rider Katerina Nash.

Katerina is off to a blazing start right now, taking the win both days in Providence and being the only rider who can answer to the speed and power of Katie Compton. With the 2010 Cyclocross World Championships in her backyard in Tabor, CZE, Katerina has a lot on the line this season. She rides for Team Luna, a perennial powerhouse on the domestic and international cycling circuit. With riders like Georgia Gould, Catherine Prendal and the newly un-retired Alison Dunlap, the Luna team brings the estrogen and horsepower to any bike race. The team is sponsored by Luna, Orbea, Maxxis, Mavic and Shimano among others. Now let's take a glance at her equipment choice.

Upon first glance, all the component choices match up.
Frame: Orbea
Drivetrain: Shimano 7800
Wheels: Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate Tubulars
Tires: Maxxis....wait, Maxxis doesn't make any tubular tires.

Well, that's okay. Maybe the tires are Maxxis treads glued onto a FMB or Dugast casing. Maxxis did release a new tread called the Mud Wrestler at Interbike this year, maybe she's doing some real world testing. All plausible scenarios.

But when we take a closer look, it seems as this tread doesn't quite match the one on the MW, or any other Maxxis tire.

If my eyes don't deceive me, they look more like Dugast Rhinos with black sidewalls. If you look closely, you'll see the unmistakable arrows on the side knobs of these tires. Katerina rides Dugast tires even though her team is sponsored by Maxxis...gasp!!

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